Best 15 WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for nonprofits domain? Due to the tight budget and little technical support, nonprofits need to be carefully choose the plug-ins that they use for their domain. Any good executive director always look out for the ways to do that is to add best WordPress plugins for nonprofits. In this post, we have just hand-picked some of the best WordPress plugins for non profits. The 15 plugins we feature here that will bring all the functionality on your website like protect your WordPress website from spam, backup and restore your domain, share your pages and posts on the social media networks etc.

Best WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

  • Give

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits


Give is the WordPress plugin for nonprofits to accept an online donation. Give makes it very easy to add the payment gateway, add the donation forms and easily manage the donations from your own WordPress dashboard. This plugin also shows you the stats about your donations and you can easily integrate with some other services like Aweber, MailChimp, PayPal etc.

  • WPForms

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

WPForms is the most beginner friendly contact form plug-in for the WordPress. This plugin comes with a free version called WPForms Lite, which is really perfect for the small organizations, personal use and nonprofits. It also comes with a paid option that allows you to create a donation form which can connect your form with your Aweber, MailChimp, Stripe and PayPal accounts.

  • OptinMonster

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

OptinMonster is the best leading generation tool in the market. This plugin helps you to convert website visitors into the subscribers and the donors. It comes with light box pop ups, sidebar sign up forms, slide in pop ups, welcome gates and much more. OptinMonster helped us increase our email subscribers by 600%.

  • Yoast SEO

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

Yoast SEO is the complete WordPress website optimization tool which allows you to optimize your pages and the posts for search engines and remove the need to install countless other plug-ins. It is quite easy to install and setup Yoast SEO plug-in.

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  • Google Analytics by Yoast

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

Google Analytics provides you an insights into how users reaches and uses your website. It tells you where your users are coming from, what pages users are looking at, how much time users spend on your website. Google Analytics by Yoast also provides a wealth of information about the users behavior and can be effectively used to measure your conversion targets. It also allows you to easily add the Google Analytics into your WordPress website and also manage it from your own dashboard.

  • Testimonials Widget

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

Testimonials Widget makes it very easy to add social proof on your WordPress domain. It also allows you to manage the testimonials in your WordPress admin area. However, you can display these testimonials anywhere on your WordPress website. This plugin comes with a testimonials widget that you can add to the sidebar of your domain.

  • BackupBuddy

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

Backups are your first defence against any online mishap. It provides complete backups solution for your WordPress website. BackupBuddy automatically creates database and file backups and save them on the cloud storage at a predefined schedules. It also makes it easier for you to restore your website from backups or move it to a new server.

  • TablePress

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

The WordPress visual editor doesn’t allow you to create the tables. TablePress makes it so easy for you to create beautiful tables without writing any HTML codes.

  • Quick and Easy FAQ

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

Do you want to frequently asked questions section for your nonprofit? Quick and Easy FAQ plug-in allows you to adds FAQs with answers and then displays these answers beautifully on your WordPress site. You can display FAQs as a collapsible menu, simple list or in an accordion.

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  • Forget About Shortcode Buttons

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

As a nonprofit, you need to create a persuasive content with call to an action buttons strategically placed across your domain. Forget About Shortcode Button plug-in allows you to add some beautiful buttons on your WordPress domain without using any shortcodes.

  • Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

Do you want to create a page for the church or nonprofit events? Google Calendar Plug-in makes it so easy for you to display a Google Calendar on your WordPress website. Then, your users can subscribe to your calendar and stay informed about your events.

  • Floating Social Bar

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

Spreading the word about your cause is very crucial for the success of your nonprofit domain. It adds social sharing button to your WordPress pages and posts. Floating Social Bar allows your users to easily share the content without leaving your website.

  • Revive Old Post

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

Keeping up with your followers on the social media can take a plenty of your time. Revive Old Post plug-in allows you to keep your social profiles active by sharing the old posts from your website.

  • MapPress Easy Google Maps

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

Google Maps are a highly effective tool in the sharing maps and directions on the web. It provides an easier and simpler way to comfortable add the Google Maps anywhere on your WordPress website. You can use it to the highly markers, add directions and layers to your map.

  • Polylang

WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

Language should not be a barrier for the nonprofit to spread its messages. Polylang is a WordPress plug-in which makes it a breeze to create the multilingual websites in the WordPress. It is extremely easy and simple to use. You can add the users for different languages and those users will get the WordPress user interface. Your users will be able to switch languages and browse your website in their native languages.

We hope that this article helped you to find the best WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits. In this post, you will get the more knowledge on 15 WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits.

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