Best WordPress Cache Plugins

best WordPress cache plugins

There are lots of things that you can do in order to optimize your WordPress website. However, installing a best WordPress cache plugins will have the biggest effective on your web page loading times. When someone visit one of your web pages, then they need to request a lot of information from your web host. The needed to send a request for JavaScript, CSS and images. They also have to recover your content from the database of WordPress. All of these contributes to your total page load time.

A database powered platform, like WordPress, generates the content dynamically. This means that it requests the fresh information about a page when everytime a visitor view a page. This can be completely unnecessary as when an article has been published. It only alters when an editor, author, or administration, goes in and modifies it. WordPress cache plugins address this problem by creating a static version of your content and delivering it to the visitors. This can reduce the loading time of your page significantly. Thus, you could see an improvement in overall site performance of around ten times. In this article, I am going to show you that how you can use a best WordPress cache plugins to boost up your website.

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Some of the Best WordPress Cache Plugins For Your Website

  • W3 Total Cache

best WordPress cache plugins

W3 Total Cache is the best WordPress cache plugins that I use on all of my WordPress sites and it is also the second most popular cache plugins on the After activating the plug-ins, you may need to configure some of the files to completely install W3 Total Cache. For instance, alter the file permissions of your wp-content folder to 755 and customize your .htaccess file. The plug-in walks you via this entire process by displaying the notification messages at top of the page. If any part of the installation processes needs to be completed, then W3 Total Cache will advise you to what still needs to be done. All the major features of W3 Total Cache can be disabled or enabled in the General setting page. Alternatively, you can configure the each features independently.

  • WP Super Cache

best WordPress cache plugins

WP Super Cache is one of the most popular and the best WordPress cache plugins available for the WordPress. This plug-in promises to deliver static files up to 99% of your visitors by utilizing the mod rewrite, legacy caching or PHP. This plug-in is very simple to configure and there are seven tabs in the option page. All you have to do is to enable the caching via Easy Tab and the plug-in will begin to cache your web pages. The contents tab will then display you how many pages have been cached and how many pages have been expired. You can choose that what type of caching you may use within the advanced settings area. All in all, I was completely impressed with what WP Super Cache can do. The plug-in offers a better users experience then W3 Total Cache. However, it still has everything that you need.

  • Quick Cache

best WordPress cache plugins

Quick Cache is a great cache plug-in which promises speed without compromise. This best WordPress cache plugins takes a snapshot of your pages in order to deliver a quicker reading experience to the most visitors. However, it knows not to serve cached pages to logged in people or users who have recently left a comment. The options page has 8 sections. Although, there are actually not that many settings to configure. What sets this plug-in apart from all the other cache plug-ins is the helpful descriptions it offer for each settings. It offers a detailed explanation so that you will know exactly what each settings does, while W3 Total Cache assumes that you must have the technical knowledge in order to customize the plug-in. It is very easy to understand why Quick Cache have a loyal following because it is easy to configure and it is well documented as well.

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  • Hyper Cache

best WordPress cache plugins

Hyper Cache is a plug-in which caches Gzip compressed and normal pages. This is a basic cache plug-in that works right out the box. There are some options available such as feed caching and mobile device configuration. You can also exclude the specific URLs from being filtered. The Hyper Cache plug-in is specifically written to get the maximum speed for your WordPress website. Also, it can be used in low resources hosting as well as on high end servers. It is purely PHP and works on every blog. There are no complex configurations are needed and when you deactivate it, no stale setting are left around.



  • WP Fastest Cache

best WordPress cache plugins

WP Fastest Cache uses the mod rewrite to cache your pages and deliver the fast browsing experience to the visitors. The main setting page only offers 10 options. Options include whether cached files are delivered to logged in mobile visitors and users and whether CSS and HTML modification is applied. Different settings have an information button that explains more about what the settings does. Cached files can be removed through the settings area. Also, you can specify the regularity in which cached files are eliminated automatically. Thus, I love the simplicity of WP Fastest Cache because it lacks the features that a plug-in such as W3 Total Cache offers. But, if you are looking for the simple cache plug-in, then it will be the great and the best WordPress cache plugins choice.

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