Tips To Install WordPress on Mac By Using MAMP

Install WordPress on Mac

Recently, we published a post about to how to install WordPress app on iPhone. As expected, we started to receive lots of emails from our users asking about how to install WordPress on Mac system. Actually, it is quite simple and easy to install WordPress on Mac computer. Now, in this article, we will provide you some simple steps and tips to install WordPress on Mac by using MAMP from which you can easily and quickly install WordPress on Mac system.

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What is MAMP? Know More About MAMP

Install WordPress on Mac

MAMP is an easy to install compilation of MySQL, PHP and Apache bundled together for Mac. By using MAMP, you can install the WordPress on your Mac system and test drive it. Most of the WordPress developers and the designers use the MAMP on the their Mac computer for the development purpose. Although, your site on MAMP is only visible to you and in order to make it live, you would need the WordPress hosting.

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How To Install MAMP on the Mac System?

  • Go to the MAMP site and download it. Once the download process is finished, open the downloaded files and drag and drop the image file inside your Applications folder. Now, you can launch MAMP from Applications >> MAMP.

Install WordPress on Mac

  • Before you get started, we strongly recommend that you may configure it to your liking. Tap on the Preferences button to change the options and you will see a new dialog box. Start with the Ports tab and you need to enter the ports that will be used by MySQL and Apache. Enter 3306 for MySQL and 80 for Apache. However, using port 80 will allow you to access your local sites. Also, using port 80 means that you will have to provide admin password of your PC each time you starts the server.

Install WordPress on Mac

  • The very next step is about to set the document root. Document root is the folder where you can store and create your site. In the preferences dialog box, tap on Apache and select the folder where you want to store your domain. Ideally, you should store your site in new folder inside the document folder by using any name that you want.

Install WordPress on Mac

  • Then after, click on OK in order to save your changes. Now, on the MAMP application screen make sure that both MySQL and Apache servers are running.

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Steps To Install WordPress on Mac Computer

  • Download a copy of WordPress from the site. Extract the zip folder, copy the WordPress folder inside it and paste it into your MAMP document root folder. Tap on the Open Start Page button in MAMP app window. A new web browser window will open. Now, click on the phpMyAdmin from the top menu bar.

Install WordPress on Mac

  • phpMyAdmin is a web based app which is used to manage the MySQL database. In phpMyAdmin, click on the Databases and create a new database.

Install WordPress on Mac

  • Open a new web browser Window and type http://localhost/(name of the WordPress folder that you use), for instance http://localhost/mysite. Then after, WordPress will notify you that it was unable to find the wp-config.php file. So, click on Create a Configuration File¬†button.

Install WordPress on Mac

  • On next screen provide your database info. In database name field, enter the database name that you have created earlier. For the database username and password use root and use localhost as your database server.

Install WordPress on Mac

  • Now, WordPress will connect to your database and creates a configuration file for you. Then after, it will display a success message and then click on Run Install button to proceed. Also, WordPress will ask you to provide your domain information. Completely fill the form and click on Install WordPress button.

Install WordPress on Mac

  • WordPress will now run an installation script and create tables inside the database in order to set up your domain. After this, you will see a success message when the installation is complete.

Install WordPress on Mac

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That’s all, and now you can run WordPress on Mac by using MAMP. It is just like you would run the WordPress on a live web server. Launch the MAMP app to start your local server and use the WordPress. Once you have played with the WordPress on your localhost, you can install WordPress on a live website.

How Can You Avoid Any Kind of Data Loss on Mac System

While installing WordPress on Mac using MAMP, you must create a backup of all your files and data. Sometimes, due to some common mistakes, data loss problem happens. Also, you must have to create backup of your database and other important files, so that you can handle any unfortunate issues in the near future. In such case, you must need a backup to restore your files. If you have forgot to create a backup and facing any data loss problem then Mac data recovery software can help you.

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