Best iPhone Apps For WordPress Users and Bloggers

iPhone Apps For WordPress

In today’s era, the web is going mobile and it is going faster and faster than anyone can think. Majority of the WordPress bloggers are now using their iPhone or similar type of phones in order to jot down ideas, write entry posts, stay connected and much more. In this showcase, we will highlight some of the best iPhone Apps for WordPress bloggers and the users.

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Some of the Best iPhone Apps For WordPress are:

iPhone Apps For WordPress

  • WordPress For iPhone

iPhone Apps For WordPress

Introducing the only iPhone app that lets you to write posts, edit pages, manage components and upload photos on your blog from your iPod touch or iPhone. With support for both self-hosted WordPress (2.7 or higher) and, users of all the experience levels can get going in seconds.

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  • Shape Writer

iPhone Apps For WordPress

Send email and store notes by using Shape Writer on your iPhone. Shape Writer is a revolutionary text input technology which enables you to enter the text into the iPhone by tracing word shapes rather than typing letters. Each shape are traced on the soft keyboard with your finger is recognized as a word. Error connection is easy and fast. For rare acronyms and names, type only once and you will be able to shape write in the next time. Shape writing is many times more efficient than the letter based handwriting recognition.

  • Twitterrific

iPhone Apps For WordPress

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A fun app which lets you read and publish the posts that is called tweets on the social networking site Twitter. Stay connected with the family, friends, and co-workers through the exchange of quick and frequent answers to one simple question i.e. What are you doing?

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  • EverNote

iPhone Apps For WordPress

Evernote helps you to remember everything from your real life and digital life using whatever platform or device that you find most convenient. Evernote for iPhone is the part of the Evernote service. With this, you can take snap photos, record audios, take notes and create to-do lists. Everything is seamlessly synchronized with web and made available across all the platforms and devices that you use, including iPhone, Evernote for Web, Evernote for Mac and Evernote For Windows. Snap photos of any thing from the white-boards to the business cards to wine labels and Evernote will make the text within those images searchable.

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  • Jott for iPhone

iPhone Apps For WordPress

Jott is a voice-to-text transcription service. Instead of typing out your long emails by using iPhone’s keyboard, with the Jott all you have to do is to start speaking into the recording interface and it will show up in your Jott notes. Then, you can forward the Jott email to whomever you want. This is a real time sever.

If you are the iPhone user, which app do you use? Share them with the other bloggers if you think that your iPhone apps for WordPress are useful.

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