How To Scan WordPress Site For Hidden Malware

Scan WordPress Site

As the most popular CMS (Content Management System) online, WordPress sites are a common target for the cyber hackers, spammers and other malicious third parties. That is why, it is very essential for you to take some measure steps to protect and scan WordPress site in order to make your domain more secure. The main goal of most criminal hackers is to infect your WordPress site with malware and virus. Some of the common malware threats includes:

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  • Pharma Hacks: Injects few spam into your WordPress website database or files.

  • Backdoors: Allow the cyber hackers to gain access to your domain at any time by using FTP or your website Admin area.

  • Drive by Downloads: When a criminal hacker uses a malicious script to download a file to the users PC, either without their consent or by misleading the users and saying that the program does something useful.

  • File and Database Injections: Inserts harmful codes into your system files or database which lets the cyber hackers into downloading some infected files.

  • Malicious Redirects: Redirects the visitors to a webpage of theirs that misleads the users into downloading few malicious or infected files.

  • Phishing: It used to acquire username, email ID, password and other confidential information or details.

Lo más importante: Si su sitio web WordPress ha sido infectado o hackeado por cualquier malware o virus, entonces se puede escanear fácilmente su sitio web de WordPress y eliminar el malware por completo siguiendo las instrucciones dadas en el sitio web

Solution To Scan WordPress Site To Detect Hidden Malware

Scan WordPress Site

When most of the people think about a WordPress website being hacked, they think about the cyber hackers defacing the domain and placing a message to users, for example “Your site has been hacked”. But in reality, the defacements are not that common. The majority of the cyber hackers do not want you to know that they have tampered with your WordPress website. This is what the first thing a site owner knowing. Therefore, it is important that you can scan WordPress site regularly in order to detect any hidden malware or threats. In this post, I would like to show your some plugin solution that will help you to detect any malicious threats and malware on your WordPress domain.

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  • Sucuri Malware Scanning: Sucuri have a great reputation as an effective and useful malware and security scanning solution. Their scanner will scan WordPress site for common issues free of charge.

  • CodeGuard: CodeGuard is a backup service which provides automated backups and restore all the click of buttons. This service also monitors your WordPress site for changes everyday and alerts you if it detects any threats or malware.

  • Theme Authenticity Checker: It will scan every theme that are installed on your WordPress domain for the malicious codes. Also, it can find things such as Base64 code injections and footer links.

  • WP Antivirus Site Protection: This is a security plugin from SiteGuarding that can scan WordPress site for the backdoors, trojan horse, rootkit, spyware, adware, fraud tools and worms. In addition to scanning the theme files, this plugin will scan the plugin files and media that has been uploaded to your WordPress website.

  • AntiVirus: It is a free WordPress plugin that can scan WordPress site theme files every day for the spam and malicious codes. It features a virus alert option in the WordPress admin bar. Also, it can notify you of any threat or malware detection by email.

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