Tips and Tricks To Access Corrupted PST File in MS Outlook

access corrupted PST file

Unless configured with Hotmail or Exchange account, the MS Outlook can not work without its data file and i.e. PST file (Personal Storage Table). However, the way you deal with the PST files is responsible for the smooth functioning of MS Outlook. Basically, managing the PST files is a skill that every Outlook users should have and this article will help users to learn about the same and also how to access corrupted PST files in Outlook.

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What Does PST File Store?

access corrupted PST file

When the Outlook is connected with the IMAP and POP3 mail account, the the PST file gets created. A PST file stored the entire data details of Outlook which is in the form of contacts, emails, journals, calendars, appointments etc. Although, there is a provision to add the PST file so that the data can be categorized and saved in the different PST files. Whenever a new PST file is created, the folders available by default are “Search folders” and “Deleted Items”. Along with the items and folders, the PST file compromises of configuration settings. However, there is a special folder in PST file named “Deleted Items” that can hold almost all types of data such as calendars, emails, contacts etc. When any item or a sub-folder from the PST file is deleted, then it goes to the “Deleted Items” folder and it is removed from the Deleted items folders, it means that it is permanently deleted.

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What are the Types of Outlook PST files?

Till Outlook 2003, the ANSI PST file gets created. However, in Outlook 2007 and above, an Unicode formatted PST files gets created which supports the International character and has the capability to store more data than ANSI PST.

  • By default, the ANSI PST file gets created in MS Outlook 2003, but an Unicode formatted new PST file can be created.

  • In Outlook 2002 or its previous editions, Unicode PST file can not be opened.

  • In Outlook versions above 2003, ANSI and the Unicode PST files gets opened.

  • Unicode PST created with any Outlook edition can be opened with the Outlook 2003 and above versions.

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How To Access Corrupted PST File?

Access Corrupted PST File in MS Outlook

A PST file can get corrupted due to various reasons and Outlook may throw an error messages. Thus, in order to fix these issues, Microsoft provides the Scanpst.exe (Inbox repair tool) which checks the structure of PST files and rebuilt it if required. Depending upon the versions of Outlook and Windows, the location of the Scanpst.exe varies. However, Scanpst.exe cannot perform the message level recovery and thus for that, it is strongly recommended to opt out for some third party Outlook recovery tool in order to access corrupted PST file.


So, easily resolve any issues regarding corrupted PST file as soon as possible by utilizing a relevant program to access corrupted PST file in Outlook easily. According to the experts, PST recovery is not an easy tasks through any utility. But, by using the distinctive and best techniques, experts has designed the powerful PST recovery software, which uniquely restore all the PST data easily. Therefore, if you want to access corrupted PST file and perform PST recovery, then you can visit the website mentioned below and you will get the best solution for the same.

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